Alepia - Tradition Aleppo Soap (with 1% Laurel Berry Oil) 190g | Alepia - 阿勒頗初榨橄欖油古皂 (含1%月桂油) 190g (濕疹、止癢、牛皮癬、主婦手肌膚適用)



It contains traditional 1% laurel berry oil and olive oil. World famous for its medicinal properties, the olive oil imparts unsurpassed softness and richness and laurel berry oil offers natural antiseptic, anti fungal, antibacterial and anti- itching properties. 

Olive oil (sodium olivate), bay laurel oil (sodium laurate), water (aqua) about 5%, lye (sodium hydroxide) trace of lye from the saponification.


How to use
It can be used for daily cleansing of the entire family (face, body and hair) 


Olives and laurel berries, are boiled down, pressed and left to naturally age and set for up to 9 months until it achieves it’s natural golden color. These values may slightly vary from one soap to another.

**Soap with no color dye and no fragrance added.

Country of origin
Aleppo Syria

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