Alepia - The Adventurer (All-in-one Soap) 220g | Alepia - 冒險家肥皂 (All-in-one) 220g (濕疹、止癢、牛皮癬、主婦手肌膚適用)


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The Adventurer's Soap is an Aleppo soap made from Olive, Laurel Bay and Organic Argan oils. 

Multi functional, it is essential for globe-trotters because it can be used for cleaning the body, face, hair, and even teeth! It is also ideal for washing clothes, washing dishes and as an insects repellent.


Practical by its form, it allows you to replace any liquid products in cabin baggage for flight journey.
A healthy and Eco-friendly product all in one, COSMOS ORGANIC certified too!

• Cleans clothes and dishes
• Gently cleanses the body, face, hair, teeth
• Repels insects

Sodium Olivate, Aqua (Water), Sodium Laurus Nobilate, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Sodium Hydroxide

How to use
Apply on face, body, hair, massage and rinse
For the laundry, soak the textile in the water and then rub the soap directly on it
For the dishes, lather and scrub with or without sponge
For teeth, lather add a drop of essential oil i.e. peppermint, tea tree for smell (optional) and scrub with tooth bush

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