Alepia - Aleppo Soap (with 25% Laurel Berry Oil) 190g | Alepia - 阿勒頗初榨橄欖油古皂 (含25%月桂油) 190g (濕疹、止癢、牛皮癬、主婦手肌膚適用)



Made with traditional methods, this authentic Aleppo soap is composed of 25% laurel oil, a characteristic that allows it to take care of the most sensitive skins.


Thanks to its very soft and strictly natural formula, this Aleppo soap can be used for the daily toilet (face, body and hair).


Thanks to its content of 25% of Laurel oil (compared to the total of oils used in the recipe), this Alepia soap also make it possible to effectively combat skin problems which can spoil the daily life. Indeed, its dermatological efficiency allows it to relieve the tightness of very dry or problem skin. It can be used for facial cares such as masks or scrubs.


Made with naturally occuring ingredients, without preservatives or colorings, Aleppo soap preserves your health and respects the environment.

Sodium Olivate, Sodium Laurus Nobilate, Aqua (Water), Sodium Hydroxide

How to use
It can be used for daily cleansing of the entire family (face, body and hair) and facial cares such as masks or scrubs.


Hand cut and dried in the open air for nine months. The weight and dimensions are taken from the fresh soap before drying. These values may slightly vary from one soap to another.

**Soap with no color dye and no fragrance added.

Country of origin 
Aleppo Syria

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